they always say…

it’s about the journey. I forget this often enough. Let’s begin in the middle, and continue on…

portrait setup

I’ve had a rough few weeks here, and although I had this blog’s purpose all figured out at one point… it appears that lack of sleep has caused me to forget a good portion of what I wanted to say! Alas. But, I do recall that I wanted to try and keep myself accountable this year. I need to figure out myself. I need to get it together. Who am I and what are my passions?

Across the blogosphere I’ve seen people choosing words for the year.  Apparently, many have been doing this for years in lieu of resolutions. Love it. Why make resolutions we aren’t going to keep anyway, right? So, my word for this year is PASSION. I want to clear my head, and find out what I’m passionate about.

I tend to begin a lot of things and rarely finish them – thus, the blog. My online accountability journal. Of course, it is not necessary that anyone reads this at all. You know, it just needs to be out there.

Here are a few things I think I should explore this year: photography, knitting, yoga, sewing, some form of art, reading, and perhaps even revisit my old friend archaeology… we’ll see.


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