Yes, imperfection. Nobody is perfect Nothing is perfect. Why, then, are some considered “perfectionists?” I don’t feel as if I am trying to be perfect in any way. What makes me a perfectionist? I think it would be that I never want to fail miserably, so I tend not to try new things. When I was young, I considered myself “shy.” I suppose I was (am?), however that doesn’t seem to be the underlying condition.

The other day when discussing new things my son might be ready for (he’s just over a year old), my mother mentioned play-doh. No, he isn’t ready yet (he would eat it), but she mentioned how I always wanted HER to play with it for me. As a little kid. A toddler. I wanted to see how it was done *right* first. Sad, I know. I thought all little kids liked to experiment? Was I never an experimenter? When I get instructions I want SPECIFICS or I don’t feel like I know what I’m doing. Is this what makes me a perfectionist? Perhaps. Is it what causes me to quit before I’ve learned? Perhaps. Can I change? Can I find a more colorful existence? It isn’t that I’m not happy… but that I think I could be happier and more content – and regret less.

Ok, let’s begin? Uh, tomorrow? Must work on procrastination.

Step 1 – Get messy house in order (so that we can all think more clearly…)


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